Why visit Seychelles - Top Ten Reasons

Why Visit Seychelles

Why visit Seychelles? As local experts, we'll tell you why! Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean, is the ideal location for anyone wishing to get lost in paradise since it is brimming with culture, an unspoiled natural environment, and some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Located in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is home to unusual flora and fauna as well as friendly residents. It may not be cheap, but it certainly can be affordable if you plan your trip right. Seychelles is also very safe, with very low crime rates.

Seychelles is encircled by warm, turquoise waters and is a true paradise for diving & fishing enthusiasts. Known for its clear waters, diverse marine life, and year-round warm climate, Seychelles is a true paradise for all those visiting.

Here's our list of 10 reasons you should visit Seychelles!

1. Seychelles has many of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Why Visit Seychelles? The amazing beaches of course!

Each island in the Seychelles is encircled by a breathtaking coastline that features warm, clear-blue ocean, powdery-fine white sand, and palm trees that stretch for miles in every direction! You'll frequently be located only a short distance from the nearest beach, so you won't ever get tired because each beach and bay will fascinate you with its own special qualities. The range of distinctive beaches on offer here is almost unrivalled by anything else in the world, from towering boulders to remote natural beach areas where you'll feel like you're on a desert island!

2. Seychelles offers a Breathtaking  Underwater World

The amazing underwater world of SeychellesA stunning diversity of coral species, turtles, and vibrant fish may be found in the Indian Ocean, which encircles the Seychelles islands. You may experience the stunning ocean scenery for yourself if you go snorkeling, scuba diving, or kayaking. A great reason to visit Seychelles is that the waters are alway warm and clear - you're never far from the ocean either!

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3. The Climate: Seychelles' is a Year-Round Holiday Destination

a beautiful sunset on a beach in SeychellesIt doesn't matter if you visit Seychelles in January, July, May, or August; the temperature nearly never falls below 26°C. Because there is no hurricane season here, unlike on many other tropical islands, these beautiful beaches are the perfect spot to unwind, particularly during the long winters in Europe. In Seychelles, pleasant weather is practically a given!


Pro-tip: Our favourites months are April & October - very little rain or wind, and clear blue skies nearly every-day!

4. World-Class Fishing Experiences

Fishing Trips in SeychellesSeychelles is a fantastic destination for fishing, with something to offer for anglers of all skill levels and interests. With a variety of fish to catch, stunning scenery and warm climate, a fishing trip to Seychelles is sure to be an unforgettable experience. Whether trolling or bottom fishing or fly-fishing the flats - Seychelles offers some of the best fishing in the world!


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5. Incredible, Unspoilt Nature

incredible nature of SeychellesSeychelles' magnificent vegetation can be found on its beaches, in its national parks, and in the tropical gardens that many lodgings provide. Huge trees, unique flowers, and bushes, as well as a vast variety of tropical fruits are just waiting to be discovered in the Seychelles' lush, deep-green plant world, which will give you the impression that you are in a whole new environment.

Such a distinctive range of species is rigorously protected almost nowhere else in the world. What's more, the world's biggest nut - the Coco de Mer - is not found anywhere else in the world!

6. The Creole People: Culture, Cuisine & Way of Life

Seychelles peopleThe local Creole People of Seychelles are friendly and welcoming! You could very easily become caught up in the relaxed way of life in the Seychelles! The music, dance, and artwork of the Creole culture will dazzle you, whilst the traditional foods - influenced by African, European, Chinese and Indian influences - will make your vacation even more memorable with their wide variety of specialties!

7. Spectacular Animals - many found nowhere else!

Aldabra giant tortoise in SeychellesSeychelles is home to some wonderful animals! The Aldabra Giant Tortoise is a species that is indigenous to certain of the Seychelles islands. They frequently roam freely and are just waiting for you to meet them. You can explore the vibrant undersea world too, in the purest sense of the word, discover a whole new universe by snorkeling or scuba diving in the clear water. A variety of bird species, some of which are also rare, can be seen if you look up. White terns, black parrots, and sooty terns can be found across the many islands. Seychelles is also home to the world's smallest frog!

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8. 115 Unique Islands to Explore!

Island Cruise Yacht Charter Seychelles.jogWhile you'll encounter other travelers on some of the Seychelles' islands, others are virtually abandoned and provide peace, quiet, and full seclusion. The Seychelles are also home to a variety of landscapes and scenery, including mountains, beaches, and lush vegetation.

The greatest way to experience all of the Seychelles' facets is through island-hopping.

Every island, no matter how big or small, highlights the Seychelles' complete diversity. And the Seychelles are a distinctive and varied vacation destination because of the many trips that are provided on each island.

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9. Enjoy one of the best places for Sailing in the World

Beautiful Sunset Sailing in SeychellesThe best way to explore the Seychelles' unspoiled beauty is from the sea - whether just for a the day or living aboard for a multi-day island cruise. While stopping to rest on white sand beaches and discover the fascinating flora, animals, and marine life of the island chain, cruise along the Indian Ocean's crystal clear seas.

The unspoiled natural beauty of the islands is one of the main attractions of a sailing vacation in the Seychelles. While cruising among the gorgeous, unpopulated islands, unwind on private beaches.

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10. A Safe & Easy Holiday Destination

surfers on a beach in SeychellesEnjoy your trip to the Seychelles - an exotic tropical paradise - without having go through any complications or face dangers so often associated with similar destinations. You don't need to worry about getting a visa because you'll get one when you arrive in the Seychelles, and you don't need any special immunizations to go on vacation there!

Also, you won't face any significant risks while there because the Seychelles don't have a problem with either dangerous crime or harmful land animals.

Still asking yourself  "why visit Seychelles?"

We hope after reading our list of 10 reasons why to 'visit Seychelles' that we have managed to convince you to come join us here in paradise!  Feel free to explore our blog for more info, advice and tips to making your dream visit to Seychelles a reality! And remember, we are here if you would like  to explore these beautiful islands by sea. We offer half-day, full-day and multi-day live aboard charters. See you in you Seychelles . . . .


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