Quick Guide to Mahé Island

Dreaming of visiting Seychelles? Here is a Quick Guide to Mahé Island - the main island of Seychelles. Plan your perfect trip!

The Seychelles is a breathtakingly beautiful archipelago of 115 islands, situated 1000 miles off the coast of mainland Africa. The islands are characterized by their stunning white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and thriving coral reefs. Sailing around the Seychelles is a dream come true for any sailing enthusiast and Mahé Island, the largest and most populated of the Seychelles islands, is a must-visit destination.

If you are planning a sailing trip to the Seychelles, Mahé Island is likely to be your first port of call. Despite being the most populous of the Seychelles islands, Mahé is far from a bustling metropolis. Rather, it is a laid-back and charming city where visitors come to shop, eat, and enjoy the many beaches that dot its shores.

Mahé Island is a popular destination for sailors and landlubbers alike. Some visitors spend their entire vacation on the island, while others stop by for a day or two as part of their sailing itinerary. Whether you have a day or a week to explore the island, there are several places that you should not miss.

Lets get into our Quick Guide to Mahé Island:

Hiking on Mahé Island

Mahé Island is home to the iconic Morne Blanc mountain. The hike to the viewing point along the Morne Blanc trail takes about 45 minutes and is quite steep. However, the panoramic views of Mahé Island's west coast make the hike well worth the effort. We recommend doing the hike in the morning for the best visibility.

incredible nature of Seychelles

The Anse Major Trail, which takes you to Anse Major Beach, is an easier hike that takes about an hour and a half. The trail features some spectacular rock formations, and the beach at the end of the hike is a great place to cool off with a refreshing swim in the ocean, or, in the fresh-water pool (Pro-Tip: take a dip in the freshwater right before your hike back - feeling fresh with no sand in your shoes is a treat!).

Looking for waterfalls? Try the Port Glaud Waterfall (short walk, not a hike) or the Grand Anse Waterfall trail.


If you prefer a more leisurely activity, a stroll around the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens is highly recommended. The gardens offer an opportunity to learn about the island's unique flora and fauna, including the famous giant tortoise. The nearby Wildflour Café is an excellent spot for a cup of coffee or a light snack. A walk around Victoria is also quite leisurely, with most things. to see and do all in a very short walking distance from each other.

Shopping, Eating & Nightlife

Seychelles Food

Victoria, the capital city of the Seychelles, is a charming place to shop and eat. The Victoria market (also known as the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market) is a hub of local food and culture, and it is open on most weekdays. .

Fresh seafood is a highlight of Seychellois cuisine, and it can be found in abundance in the many Creole takeout stands that dot the island.

There are also several excellent restaurants that serve delicious Seychellois dishes. With so many options, finding a great place to eat is easy.

For nightlife, very few restaurants are open after dark in Victoria, although you will find a few bars. Eden Plaza is a great night-time location with many restaurants and bars with a nightclub vibe at the Boardwalk on Fridays and Saturdays after 10pm. Beau Vallon is also a great nightlife location, with bars and restaurants scattered adjacent to the beach. Beach Schack for sunsets and the Boat House Bar are our two favourites in the area.

Best Beaches on Mahé Island

Beach on Mahé Island Seychelles

No guide to Mahé Island would be complete without a mention of its best beaches. Mahé starts to show off when we start talking about beaches. White sand, clear waters and world-class snorkeling make them the most common reasons that someone sails Seychelles.

And while you can’t go wrong, each beach does provide something unique.


Anse Intendance - This half-mile sprawling beach is framed by granite boulder formations and is perfect for grabbing a book and taking in the scenery. It should be mentioned that waves are strong at this beach, so it isn’t the right spot for a swim, especially with children.

Anse Soleil - This postcard-perfect secluded beach is where we’d go for a little dip and relaxation. There’s a restaurant and hotel nearby and, while not usually deserted, it doesn’t get too busy.

Beau Vallon - While a little busy, this beach is popular for a reason. It’s beautiful, of course, but it is also perfect for swimming, sports, and snorkeling. There are a lot of amenities close by, so everyone can find something they enjoy.

Anse Royale - If you’re looking to snorkel, Anse Royale is your beach. The waters are clear and there are some interesting rock formations to explore.

Petite Anse - Some argue that this is the most beautiful beach on Mahé, but you can make a case for practically any of the beaches we’ve mentioned (as well as many we haven’t). This particular beach is at the Four Seasons, but you can visit it even if you aren’t staying there. There is a small parking lot for visitors and many find that it is a much quieter beach as a result.

Mahé Island Seychelles


In conclusion, Mahé Island offers the perfect combination of natural beauty and modern conveniences. While the island is known for its nature preserves, where rare wildlife such as tortoises can be found, there's also plenty to do. From exploring local markets to sampling traditional Creole cuisine, there's something for everyone on Mahé Island. Whether you're seeking adventure or relaxation, the island's beaches are sure to leave you enchanted with their beauty and charm.

However, in our opinion, the best way to explore Seychelles and its islands and beaches is by boat, yacht or catamaran! Of course, you will get the chance to visit more than one island. But you can experience the best beaches from the sea, find secret beaches no one else to get  to and experience breathtaking places to swim and snorkel offshore. Looking for more? You can always go ashore for the day to explore the other activities that the various islands offer!

We really hope you enjoyed our Quick Guide to Mahé Island and we are hoping to see you in in paradise Seychelles soon . . . Until then, stay in touch on Facebook  and Instagram.

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